The containers in NatureWorks biopolymer (PLA), are made with a bio-plastic that is derived from a vegetable sugar that is extracted from corn and can be used for the preservation and takeaway of cold foods. Care must be taken with liquids as the closure is not airtight. They have the advantage that when crushed, they do not shatter. They are compostable certificates according to UNI EN 13432:2002 and CIC and suitable for contact with food. Maximum operating temperature: 40 degrees C. They don’t go into the freezer.

Their use has a lower environmental impact because:

NatureWorks PLA is derived from renewable plant substances annually;

very few fossil resources are used;
They are compostable and decompose into industrial composting plants;

And they have the following excellent characteristics:

transparency and brightness;

resistance to twisting and breaking;

stiff eleveta;

real ability to preserve flavors and aromas;

high resistance to oil and grease;


CompostableMOCA (suitable for contact with food)