Telling the story of a spice company inevitably leads us to remember the greatness of the Venetian Republic, Marco Polo and his travels to open new trade routes and to discover beauties, cultures and tastes hitherto unknown. SIDEA,  feeling a bit heir to this tradition, the brand inspires the East “THE EMPIRE OF THE SUN”, a wide range of spices, herbs and aromatic seeds, flavorings and exclusive blends.    65 years of activity and an unchanged passion for this craft that is still an art, they brought SIDEA  to stand out both in import and in direct  transformation of products. The control of the entire production cycle allows the achievement of a truly high overall quality.    The mastery of knowledge, the harmonious integration between traditional methods and modern technologies, the constant progress in terms of safety and protection of the goodness of the products, a research and development sector to create new blends and dedicated formulations, personal seriousness as a guarantee, are the pillars of a company with solid roots and looking to the future.

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