Let me introduce myself: Michele Amore, owner.

The company Amore Raffaele snc di Amore Michele e C., is a family-owned business that operates in traditional catering (hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, hospitals, etc.).
and in supplying traditional stores, bars and supermarkets for 3 generations with “classic” products.

Starting date: 13/05/1938!

Recently we have also specialized in supplying communities and country parties with biodegradable and compostable disposable tableware certified according to UNI EN 13432,
UNI EN 13432:2000, UNI EN 13432:2002, CIC and OK compost.

With August 1, 2013, we further expanded the range with organic detergents, effective (effective) microorganisms, and natural paints, which we decided to offer to our customers as an alternative and, we hope, a replacement for the traditional products they were already buying.

Thanks to our always-stocked warehouse, we deliver very quickly by our own means or by express courier.

Given the same quality, we choose our suppliers by giving preference to those closest to us: this allows us to limit routes and the resultingCO2 emissions.

We are available for any clarification that may be needed.

For info, customized quotes, and/or to pick up products in person, warehouse hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m.-12 p.m. and 3 p.m.-7 p.m. Saturday closed.

Our computers are updated to issue electronic invoices and split vat (split payment).” We are present and accredited to operate in the electronic markets ME.PA. , ME.PA.T. and SIGEME.

We were the official supplier of organic tableware for the 2013 Fiemme Nordic Skiing World Cup

Some photos of the company

The office The outdoor yard The loading-unloading department

The Organic Tableware Department 1 The Organic Tableware Department 2 The Microorganism Department

The organic detergent department The traditional confectionery department The catering supply products department

Our modern freight vehicles Our 6 kw photovoltaic system.

Tutti in famiglia siamo impegnati per cercare di conservare l'ambiente per le generazioni future !

Here is my son’s drawing August 2013

e the story of Gaia written by my daughter from 2009.

And my son’s new job 08/2014

Here is the story of Super compostable !

But let’s go in order…

Grandfather’s equipment: Customer deliveries (cart to attach to bicycle)(The bicycle, unfortunately, was lost), and equipment for handling goods within the warehouse.

Grandma owned the office (fully functioning machines !).

And now for a quick roundup of the “memorabilia” on display in our office. All original, accumulated over 75 years of history in the trade.

Fast in jars still exists as a product today, but it is sold in plastic jars.

The year was 1958.

The “mom” of Nutella when it was not yet called that. It was already produced at Alba (CN)

Given the same quality, we choose our suppliers by giving preference to those closest to us: this allows us to limit unnecessary and excessively long transports and the resultingCO2 emissions.