Mangini candies. It all began after the Second World War when Romeo Bovone, after several
experiences in the most famous pastry shops in the area,
he picked up a small confectionery company. The new
company, with the company name “Mangini”, moves to the
1981 in Bosco Marengo in the province of Alessandria (Piedmont), and
presents, from birth, with high quality products and with
innovative processing methods that, despite their evolution,
they still preserve the ancient wisdom of the confectionery masters. Candies and bonbons with flavors and aromas
of nature are the secret of its success. In 1985 the first
product of the new course : “Noblesse”, a bonbons
very soft covered with pure dark chocolate and filled with
liqueur creams. A few years later “Il Noccioletto” came to light, a
small hazelnut harvested in Piedmont covered with
very fine milk chocolate. It will immediately reveal itself as
most successful article both for its natural combination with the
cup of coffee, both as a courteous welcome in the lobbies of
hotels and ateliers. A few more years pass and it develops
another winning idea, the highest possible quality in mini candies:
the “Bye Bye” Line – A lot of taste in few calories. The company
Mangini still has respect for ancient values
artisanal, adapting them with modern production technologies and
packaging and completing them with particular attention to
the environment.The Elah-Dufour group was born in 1982 including 4 historic brands of the Italian confectionery industry:
: Founded in Genoa in 1909 and produces preparations for table creams, puddings and desserts. Prepare for cakes and Candies Toffè.Dufour: Founded in Genoa in 1926 and produces Big Fruit jellies, Aracio and lemon selz and a wide range of stuffed candiesNovi: founded in Novi Ligure in 1903 and produces chocolate. The great Hazelnuts, the gianduiotti, The Novi cream to spread. The big chocolate is not Swiss, it is Novi !Baratti and Milan: founded in Turin in 1858 and produces the typical specialties of Turin pastryThe four brands are now in Italy at the top of the market shares in the sectors in which they operate. We sell, however, only the first three.
is the goodness that you can enjoy at any age! A wide assortment of fruit and licorice flavored gummies for all tastes… since 1920!Casa del Dolce: Active importer since 1950.  A modern industrial complex, where technology and imagination churn out thousands of confectionery items every day for large-scale distribution, cash & carry, traditional retail and import. Innovative systems, strict quality controls and efficient logistics allow us to be a point of reference.
  Swiss quality combined with a deep knowledge of medicinal herbs has a name: Ricola, herbal specialties grown in the Swiss mountains according to the principles of organic farming, renowned for their unique flavor and balsamic effect by mouth and throat.

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