Pierpaoli S.r.l. has been operating since 1939 in the  field of household and professional detergents and cosmetics.

In 2004 the company started a collaboration with a network of Italian fair trade organizations that led to the creation of a line of products for the cleaning of the house certified Eco-Organic and, first in Italy and Europe, with surfactants obtained from organic oil of fair trade.

After this first positive experience, in 2008, with the creation of the Eco-Organic Division, the Company undertook a process of overall conversion towards eco-organic productions.

The Company’s goal, thanks to the research work carried out by its internal laboratory, is  to develop products that ensure both effectiveness and the best possible impact on a social and environmental level.

For this reason, in addition to developing ecological formulations of its products according to the most selective European standards, it aims to use:

ingredients from organic farming , thus  taking care of the environmental aspect even in the first phase of the production chain, i.e. that of the cultivation of raw materials;

fair trade ingredients in the case of raw materials from countries in the southern hemisphere.

In addition , the Eco-Organic Division:

carries out the calculation of the environmental impact of the formulations using the European method
of the Critical Volume of Dilution
and ensuring, in this way, its  reduction  compared to traditional products;

proposes the bulk distribution of its detergent products in order to reduce the need for packaging and the amount of plastic to be disposed of;

uses packaging in post-consumer regenerated material when available.

CERTIFICATIONS: In 2010 the Company obtained the certification of adherence to the International Standard “Stop animal testing”issued by the LAV following checks carried out by ICEA.

All the products of the Eco-Organic Division are certified by a third party.
The certification marks used so far by the Company for its own brand products  are

For private label products, certifiable products have also been made according to the ECOCERT system

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