The glasses are produced with a cardboard coupled with a PLA film and resist even in contact with hot wine (hot alcohol in general). They are compostable certificates according to UNI EN 13432:2002 and CIC and customizable. There is also the type suitable for automatic distribution.Customization of small quantities:It is possible to customize in pad printing for any quantity as long as it is in a single color and for a maximum of 5 cm x 5 cm (depends on the diameter of the glass). Cost: €. 0.05 + VAT (in addition to the cost of the glass). Round-trip transportation from the pad printing. One-color printing system: €. 50,00 + one-time VAT. Delivery time: 15/20 days from the date of approval of the draft.Customization of other quantities:For cardboard + pla film  glasses, the minimum printable pieces are 30/60,000 and the cliché costs €. 130,00 + VAT per color (max 4 colors). The price is 20% higher for the minimum quantity and goes progressively to zero when reaching 480,000 pieces. Delivery time: about 40 days from the date of approval of the sketch. Certifications:

MOCA (Declaration on contact with food).