The glasses in NatureWorks biopolymer (PLA), are made with a bio-plastic that is derived from a vegetable sugar that is extracted from corn and can only be used for cold drinks. They are a different material from Mater-bi®. They have the advantage that when crushed, they do not shatter (greater ease of cleaning). They are certified compostable according to DIN EN 13432:2000-12 and customizable up to a maximum of four colors. The smallest size is CIC certified. Maximum operating temperature: 40 degrees C.

Corn or sugar beet plant from which the

dextrose which is transformed into

lactide which in turn becomes

PLA granules ready for processing into

film and/or






Their use has a lower environmental impact because:

NatureWorks PLA is derived from renewable plant substances annually;

very few fossil resources are used;

it is compostable and decomposes in industrial composting plants;

And they have the following excellent characteristics:

transparency and brightness;

resistance to twisting and breaking;

stiff eleveta;

real ability to preserve flavors and aromas;

high resistance to oil and grease;

excellent possibilities of printed customizations;

For PLA glasses, the price is slightly higher than the generic to which must be added the cost of the chichè (€. 90.00 per color, (maximum 4) and reach a minimum quantity of 72,000 pieces for the 150 cc glass, 54,000 pieces for the 200 cc one and 50,000 pieces for the 250, 300 and 400 cc glasses. Delivery time: about 5 weeks from the date of approval of the sketch.

Our customizations:



Compostability Certificate
MOCA (Suitability for contact with food)