The numerous firsts and awards obtained by Lucart Group over the years, are the best testimony of the commitment to the development of products that can better meet both the needs of customers and those of nature.  Environmental sustainability Lucart Group

First Italian company to have developed the technique of de-inking of rubble for the production of tissue paper and thin monogloss paper for flexible packaging.

One of the first paper mills to believe in self-production systems for electricity and steam through cogeneration plants powered by methane gas.

First Italian company to obtain the eco-label of products issued by the European Union: the Ecolabel.

Among the first in Europe to obtain, for the specific product sector of tissue and single-gloss paper products, the UNI EN ISO 9001 quality certification and the certification relating to the UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental management system.

One of the first integrated European plants (that of Diecimo – Lucca) for the production of tissue (paper mill and converting in the same site) to have obtained the EMAS environmental registration.

One of the first Italian paper mills to obtain PEFC and FSC certifications, relating to the use of cellulose fibers from forests managed with ethical, social and environmental protection criteria.

First company in the world to use Mater-Bi as a biodegradable wrapping of tissue paper packaging.

One of the first European paper groups to publish an annual Environmental Report describing and summarising the policies, programmes, objectives and concrete actions carried out towards the environment.

First company in the world to launch on the market a biologically active toilet paper, able to reduce the problems of clogging of pipes and biological pits.

PEFC forest certification guarantees the correct environmental management of forests and its products, including cellulose. In addition, I remind you that ONLY pure virgin cellulose is suitable to enter a kitchen (compliance with H.A.C.C.P. regulations) and to come into contact with food. It is also hypoallergenic.

PEFC : Forest Management Certification
The entire STRONG line also has the suitability for contact with food.

The Econatural line uses the cellulose fibres found in Tetra Pak containers. 

Philosophy: everything is recycled

Nothing is dispersed if everything is recycled! This is the idea from which we started to create Grazie Natural Lucart, which comes from the long experience of Lucart Group in the production of recycled paper.

The recovery process: efficiency, control and cleanliness

3/4 of a regular Tetra Pak container is made of cellulose fibres. The containers are entirely recyclable thanks to a clean and efficient process that separates the fiber from the rest of the components (polyethylene and aluminum). From what once contained milk, cream, soft drinks or juices we get new paper: a paper subjected to the strict quality criteria required by the certifications obtained by Lucart Group (Ecolabel, Emas, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, dermatological test).

The new charter: quality and sustainability

It is a particularly fine paper, with extraordinary characteristics of softness, resistance and absorbency but what is surprising is the color. The raw material from which the paper is obtained must be chemically treated to obtain the classic white colors, our new one maintains its natural color because we have chosen not to use any dye or bleaching. A choice in which we believe because we are also consumers and we know how important it is to be able to find safe products for your health.

The color of nature

To this paper we have given the name of Grazie Natural Lucart: the paper with extraordinary qualities and with the color of nature. All products of the Eco Natural line are Ecolabel certified, however they are suitable for contact ONLY with dry food as per art. 5b DM 220/93.