Since April 2012, single-use country party plastic has also become recyclable. All cups, trays and plates can be disposed of in the separate collection of plastic as long as they are deprived of food residues. The cutlery, unfortunately,  must continue to be given in the residue. Breaking news: there are some CRMs that would also accept cutlery. Please inform yourself what the one closest to you does! I would like to point out that, however, using compostable tableware it is easier and faster to dispose of waste as there is only one type instead of three (wet, residual and plastic).According to the latest legislation, disposable plastic tableware can no longer be used with 31/12/2020 with the exception of cups for which the ban is 31/12/2025.We no longer buy back the products in this category that are out of stock and replaced, as they run out, with the organic equivalents

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