For some time the issue of environmental protection and in particular that of the reduction of greenhouse gases (CO2) responsible for global warming, has been extremely topical.

With significant investments at European level in favor of the environment and in particular aimed at the prevention of global warming, the Sofidel Group has as its constant objectives the reduction of consumption and supply from renewable sources, through the choice of machinery, equipment and plants with higher energy efficiency.

The Papernet range, produced by the Sofidel Group, also embraces this initiative with the same objectives.      

And in particular:


Renewable sources and high efficiency systems

The self-production of electricity takes place through the use of photovoltaic systems, hydroelectric plants and cogeneration plants.

The high-tech plants of the Sofidel Group make it possible to cover a large part of the electricity needs and all the steam needs necessary for the production processes.

An Italian family consumes an average of 2700 KWh of electricity per year.

This means that the Sofidel Group is able to cover:

the equivalent of the electricity needs of 800 households through photovoltaics

the equivalent of the electricity needs of 1200 households through hydroelectric plants

the equivalent of the electricity needs of 37000 households through cogeneration plants.


Photovoltaic                                  Hydroelectric power plants                              Cogeneration plants
25,000 sqm = –1000 tons CO2 / year             2 hydro power plants. = –1200 tons CO2 / year     4 plants = –30,000 tons CO2 / year


The Papernet range, produced by the Sofidel Group, also contributes to reducingCO2 emissions by using recyclable energy resources.        


Water, a resource to be preserved

Paper production usually requires large amounts of water. Only in the final stage of processing the production process does not use water resources.

Also with the Papernet range, the Sofidel Group is committed to containing and reducing its water consumption, mainly intervening on the management of the water cycle and, where possible, using surface sources to preserve the water resources of the subsoil.

The quality products are made with a water supply much lower than indicated by the best techniques currently available for the paper sector, which provide for a specific consumption between 10 and 25 liters of water / kg of paper produced. The average consumption of the Sofidel Group stands at about 7 litres/kg paper.


Responsible sourcing of cellulose fibre

The possession of forest certification is not only a requirement for suppliers of raw materials, but it is also a precise commitment on the part of the companies of the Sofidel Group.

For years, numerous production plants have been able to exhibit forest chain of custody certifications according to the FSC and PEFC standards.

The use of cellulose with certifications of good forest management is a guarantee of the legality and origin of the wood used for its production, as well as being a valid support for biodiversity in sensitive areas. These certifications also imply compliance with important environmental and social aspects related to the management of forests and plantations.

In any case, for a part of the Papernet range, the Sofidel group uses recycled paper produced directly at its plants through the reuse of waste paper.