The vegetable drink (improperly called “milk”) “VIAMIA” is
an Italian product, processed and packaged by the Vicenza-based company The
Bridge srl.  The seven variants of vegetable
milk available – Rice, Almond-Flavored Rice (1%), Oats, Gluten-Free
Oats, Soy, Quinoa and Almond (3%) – are all certified organic by
ICEA.The “self life” (life of the
product/expiration) varies from 12 to 14 months. Most raw materials
are of Italian origin, there are no GMOs and the water used is of
source. This last aspect is very important for vitality and healthiness
of the product, water being the main component of vegetable milk.

The vegetable drink, both by necessity and by choice, can
be a valid alternative to cow’s milk. Different for the absence of
important nutrients such as calcium (similar to other foods), offers a
low in saturated fat, absence of cholesterol, lactose, casein and
a small presence of very useful fibers. It can be used cold or hot as
drink for breakfast and snack, and in the preparation of dishes and desserts in
replacement of cow’s milk.

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