Bags in natural Havana paper of pure PEFC certified long fiber cellulose or in FSC certified FSC certified white cellulose bleached without the use of chlorine.  These cards are suitable for direct contact with food. The typical use is to contain bread or other products as long as they are not wet or greasy. Different sizes are available in convenient boxes/dispensers of 1000 pieces for small sizes, and 500 pieces for large sizes. The small sizes are made of cellulose of 40 grams per square meter, while for the large ones the 44 grams are used. We point out to the customer that, by purchasing the bags by number and not by weight, he can always keep costs under control and easily calculate the impact on the product.

For greasy foods (pizzas, focaccia, sandwiches with sauces, etc.), FSC certified cellulose bags are available with a vegetable resin that makes the paper hydro and oleo-repellent and makes sure that the bag does not stain and does not let the grease outwards.Certifications:MOCA (suitability for contact with food)Compostability


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