Ceramics are another form by which effective microorganisms are put on sale. It was noted that some microorganisms, (especially anaerobic) were able to withstand temperatures above 1000 degrees. (Recall that life on earth would have come with comets carrying bacteria capable of resisting the high temperatures that developed on contact with the Earth’s atmosphere). Hence the idea of kneading them with a special type of clay and baking them, thus obtaining a ceramic able to store and make their effect definitive and lasting. They are able to reactivate the memory of water, a fact demonstrated by photographing frozen water crystals before and after contact with microorganisms contained in ceramics. They have anti-limescale ability. EM ceramics are marketed:in cylinders (grey pipes). Ideal for all domestic usesin big and small rings. Excellent for tanksin powder form. Version more suitable to be mixed with other materials for use in green building